Shoulder Stabilisation

The goal of shoulder stabilisation surgery is to identify where injury to the labrum has occurred and if it is torn or has come away from the shoulder socket, and repair the tear and stabilise back in its normal position.

Total Shoulder Replacement

The goal of shoulder replacement surgery is to replace the damaged joint surfaces of the shoulder with prosthetic ones.

Rotator Cuff Repair

The goal of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery is to make sure there is to clear up the area around the rotator cuff and locate and repair the torn end of the rotator cuff tendon back to the upper arm from where it was torn.

Capsular Release

The goal of surgery is to break down scar tissue which is too stubborn or too painful to respond to vigorous stretching.

AC Joint Stabilisation

The goal of AC joint stabilisation surgery is to bring the collar bone back to the AC joint of the shoulder and to fix it there.

Broken Collar Bone Reduction

The goal of Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) of a broken clavicle, is to open the site for repair, reduce or bring the ends of the break back together, and hold them together using a surgical plate like bone armour, and screws to hold the plate down.

Biceps Tendonitis

The goal of biceps tenodesis surgery is to cut the tendon free from the top of the shoulder and reattach it to the upper arm.

Pec Repair

The goal of pec repair surgery is to locate the torn pec major tendon and to reattach it to its normal position on the upper arm.