Dr Manish Gupta

Orthopaedic Surgeon Sydney

Specialising in Shoulder, Elbow and Upper-Limb Conditions

manish gupta orthopaedic surgeon sydney

About Me

Dr Manish Gupta is a renowned expert in the field of upper-limb orthopaedic surgery. He specialises in Shoulder and Elbow conditions and has a dedicated his clinical practice to focus purely in this area. Areas of Expertise include:

  • Sports injuries and arthroscopic reconstructive surgery
  • Chronic upper-limb pain
  • Workplace injuries
  • Joint replacements of the shoulder and elbow
  • Upper-limb trauma and fractures

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Locations

Dr Manish Gupta conveniently consults and operates around the North-West, Hills District and Western Suburbs of Sydney. He operates in both private and public hospitals.

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